Private iLTE

Independence, security and enhanced control

Increasing capacity/extending coverage with iLTE

Supplemental networks allow end-users in industrial, government and enterprise markets to operate their own private wireless network independently and separate from public commercial wireless networks. It allows for sharing facilities with other organizations without the concern of network security, as well as control over operations without RF interference from nearby radios, and without being subjected to prioritization if traffic is carried over a commercial cellular network.

Introducing Industrial LTE & LTE-A

Operate your own secure, reliable fixed and mobile wireless network within your designated operating region with a private LTE network.


Redline iLTE is a compact, complete LTE system that can be rapidly deployed anywhere. Redline iLTE is a comprehensive suite of private LTE products and services that combine to deliver security, flexibility, scalability and durability to the mobile network. iLTE provides a turnkey approach to private LTE with its rapid deployment and ease of management.


Redline prides itself on delivering end-to-end solutions in the private LTE space. From discovery to RF and network design to deployment and support, we foster strong customer and partner relationships that ensure success at every level.

Choose from one of our technologies

Virtual Fiber

Make quick work of moving critical data at critical times.


Complete coverage that is easily integrated and extensively scalable.

Macro Base Station transmit power in a small, light, low power form factor.

Wider temperature range, better water/dust protection, no fans/heaters required.

Half the power consumption of similar high power eNodeBs (37dBm/5W Tx or greater category).

Our  HAZLOC model is unique LTE industry.

Combination of LTE Core, eNb, and devices provide complete solution for small/medium LTE deployments.

Explore Private or Industrial iLTE for:

Oil & Gas

Products and Resources in Private iLTE and Government

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP
RDL-3100 XG Elte
RDL-3000 XP Elte
RDL-3000 XP Edge
RDL-3000 XP Connect
RDL-3100 XG Ellipse
RDL-3000 XP Ellipse
RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G