Secure. Reliable. Easy to use.


FlexTalk™ is your most reliable and secure solution to organize, manage and promote collaboration in your mobile workforce – everywhere. The FlexTalk™ PTT application is easy to learn and use, runs on iOS, Android and WIN systems, reduces chatter and churn by streamlining your information channels to communicate directly with only the right people – at the right time – in any department / location across the enterprise.

Safety First

Instant voice connection, online presence indication, location, tracking history and more provide enhanced situational awareness that enable you to make better decisions faster, drive efficiency and enhance safety for your team members.


Multimedia Messaging

Use high quality voice + text + pictures when connecting one-on-one, creating instant pop-up groups from your contacts list, or interacting with a select functional team created using the multi-talk group profiles.

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Oil & Gas

Push-To-Talk Products

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP
RDL-3100 XG Elte
RDL-3000 XP Elte
RDL-3000 XP Edge
RDL-3000 XP Connect
RDL-3100 XG Ellipse
RDL-3000 XP Ellipse
RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G