Virtual Fiber

Advanced Technology that Delivers Multipoint Access or Transport Quickly and Cost-Efficiently

Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber

Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber consists of wireless access products that are built for extreme reliability and performance. These products can be used in the toughest environmental conditions, rated to operate between -40° to +75°C for fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications and nomadic applications. They provide secure and reliable high-speed connectivity in these challenging, isolated locations, and over rough non-line-of-sight terrain. Features include wireless IP traffic scheduling and QoS. They are available in a wide range of frequency bands and channel sizes.


The unsurpassed fixed-wireless and nomadic-wireless solution has all your communication needs covered, while easily outperforming traditional point-to-point microwave applications.

Certified security meets customizable capacity

Based on OFDM and developed by Redline, Virtual Fiber™ carries the load with its:


  • Software Defined Radio: designed for purpose, optimized wireless protocol and manufactured by Redline
  • High Capacity: delivering capacity of up to 330 Mbps of actual user data over-the-air
  • Long Range: carrying voice, video and data at distances over 80 Km
  •  Low Latency: Redline’s industry-leading millisecond latency ensures that even the most time-sensitive services can be delivered over wide areas
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Virtual Fiber

Make quick work of moving critical data at critical times.


Complete coverage that is easily integrated and extensively scalable.


  •  Versatility: brings the option to operate on any frequency between 450 MHz and 6 GHz including licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands. Can be used in PTP or PMP modes.
  • Efficiency: packing over 9 bits per second per Hertz of information for transmission over-the-air, while being flexible enough to support channel sizes ranging from 20 MHz to below 1 MHz for the most efficient use of any available spectrum
  • Simple Implementation: built on a Layer 2 network topology for ease of network integration in to existing cores allowing different services across the wireless
  • Reliability and Ruggedness: drives products that operate unattended in harsh environments for years, at temperatures that range from -40 to +75 °C, and in harsh conditions as demonstrated by IP67 compliance and the ability to operate in hazardous zones
  • Security: Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) and enough security to allow us to be FIPS 140-2 certified are only two of the many features that make Redline products secure enough for military use
  • Innovation: customers required a solution to deliver high speed data for their off-shore vessels and assets. Redline answered by developing its patented Network Topology Awareness.

Cover more area with more data, into hard to reach areas where fiber or microwave cannot reach.

Dependable connectivity like fiber or microwave in a wireless solution.

Deploys much faster and at a much lower cost than fiber & microwave.

Wire-speed processing enables missive quantities of loT data traffic.

Provides excellent cyber security without the expense of firewalls at the network edge.

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Virtual Fiber™ Technology Products

RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G HP
RDL-3100 XG Elte
RDL-3000 XP Elte
RDL-3000 XP Edge
RDL-3000 XP Connect
RDL-3100 XG Ellipse
RDL-3000 XP Ellipse
RDL-6000 L1 Ellipse 4G